Unani Secrets of Arthritis Healing at Tigris Valley Wellness Retreat

Author: Dr.O K M Abdhurahman

Date: 15-Dec-2023

Unani secrets of arthritis healing at Tigris Valley wellness retreat

In the enchanting landscapes of Tigris Valley Wellness Retreat, we embark on a holistic journey to uncover the ancient Unani secrets of arthritis healing. As we traverse the realms of customized nutrition, invigorating physical sessions, and time-honored Unani regimental therapies, our goal is to provide a transformative experience for those seeking relief from the burdens of arthritis.

The Osteoarthritis Predicament in Kerala

The prevalence of arthritis can significantly impact the lives of individuals, leading to pain, restricted mobility, and a diminished quality of life. While Ayurvedic osteoarthritis treatment has been a traditional recourse, there exists a need for a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates the principles of Unani medicine. Tigris Valley Wellness Retreat recognizes these challenges and endeavors to provide a unique blend of therapies that cater to the specific needs of individuals grappling with osteoarthritis.

We guide you through a transformative integration of customized nutrition, physical sessions, and Unani regimental therapies to address arthritis impacts. We believe that food is best medicine to heal arthritis. Personalized nutrition plans designed to address the unique needs of each individual. By incorporating anti- inflammatory foods and Unani-recommended dietary adjustments, we aim to restore balance within the body, targeting the root causes of arthritis.

Physical Freedom with Unani and Modern Wellness Practices

Movement is medicine when it comes to arthritis. Our physical sessions enhance joint flexibility, strengthen supportive muscles, improve mobility, and reduce discomfort. Experience the rejuvenating effects of Hijama, a Unani medicine  procedure that creates controlled inflammation with aseptic surgical precautions at specific body points to activate the immune system and promote healing. Fasad, the Unani art of detoxification, is seamlessly integrated into our wellness programs. Through carefully curated therapies, we promote the elimination of toxins, allowing the body to find its natural balance and easing the burden on joints affected by arthritis.

Massage-integrated Munzij-Mus’hil is designed to relieve muscular tension, reduce pain, and promote relaxation, contributing to the overall alleviation of arthritis symptoms. Medicated bandage to promote joint health. This targeted approach aims to nourish and strengthen the affected joints, offering relief and fostering long-term well-being. As a Unani arthritis consultant, I am dedicated to guiding individuals towards a holistic understanding of their health and we blend Unani wisdom and modern wellness practices with customized nutrition, physical sessions, and Unani regimental therapies. Join us in this transformative art of arthritis healing and cultivate a life of physical freedom.

Harmonizing Unani Medicine with Kerala’s Healing Touch

In Tigris Valley wellness hospital in Kerala,, our Unani arthritis consultant is dedicated to guiding individuals toward a holistic understanding of their health. The fusion of Unani wisdom with modern wellness practices, tailored nutrition, physical sessions, and regimental therapies, invites you to join us in this transformative art of arthritis healing. Together, let’s cultivate a life of physical freedom, where the ancient secrets of Unani medicine harmonize with the healing touch of Kerala, offering solace to those seeking respite from the grasp of osteoarthritis.