Voyages Group from Saudi Arabia Visits Kerala


Date: 16-May-2024

We are delighted to announce that twelve members of the Voyages Group, official travelers from Saudi Arabia, recently visited Kerala as part of their world tour. This visit marked their first time in India, adding to their impressive record of having traveled to over a hundred countries.

During their stay, the group explored the renowned Markaz Knowledge City and sought treatments in the serene wellness hospital in Kerala Tigris Valley. They were particularly captivated by the Grand Mosque at Knowledge City and the diverse Ayush treatments available in the Tigris Valley.

The travelers immersed themselves in a variety of activities including Ayurvedic treatments and Unani treatments, cycling, trekking, Kalaripayattu (a traditional martial art form), visiting waterfalls, cooking local cuisine, and participating in cultural programs at our wellness retreat Kerala. Their journey also took them to Delhi, where they met with their ambassador to discuss various matters.

This enriching experience highlighted the beauty and cultural richness of Kerala, leaving a lasting impression on the Voyages Group.

For more details, watch the news coverage on Channel 24.

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