Knee Pain: Everything You Need To Know

Knee Pain: Everything You Need To Know

Knee pain is one of the most common and highly distressing conditions among the general public today. Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain in Kerala specialises in personalised treatments & addressing its root causes to promote lasting relief. Our experienced team of orthopaedic specialists diagnostics to point out the exact source of your knee pain. From advanced physical therapy and non-invasive interventions to surgical procedures, our approach ensures a precise and effective solution for each patient. We prioritise patient education, guiding individuals through rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle modifications to prevent future issues. The knee is the most complex joint where bones, tendons and nerves all come together. Knee pain can occur for multiple reasons.

1. Osteoarthritis

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

3. Pain due to excess uric acid (Gouty arthritis)

4. Overuse injury

5. Sports injuries

6. Calcium deficiency pain

7. Pain due to lack of vitamin D (Vit-D deficiency)

8. Obesity etc. are some of them.

Understanding the Complexities of Knee Pain: Causes and Solutions

▪️ Wear and Tear

The most common knee pain today is what we call ‘bone wear’. Here the wear and tear occurs not on the bones, but on the cartilage that protects them. Women are more prone to wear and tear. Pain occurs when the synovial fluid between the bones in the knee begins to decrease before the cartilage wears away. It is not “wear and tear” during these initial periods. But nowadays it is generally seen that this condition itself is confirmed as ‘wear and tear’ and immobilisation of the knees. This tendency slowly pushes the knee into wear and tear.

Changes in lifestyles are the primary cause of wear and tear. If we look at our ancestors, we will understand that ‘wear and tear’ is much more widespread today than it was then. Because their generation was those who prioritised labour and were always moving their knees as part of it. Even in the kitchen women were doing housework while sitting with their knees bent. But today, with the advent of machines and the indolence of human beings, all the old good habits have disappeared. All the kitchen work stopped. Gradually the use of the knee, bending and straightening decreased. Thus the strength of the knee decreases. Cartilage usually gains strength through daily use and movement. Without use, muscles lose strength and cartilage breaks down. When it reaches such a state, it falls under the category of ‘wear and tear’. These knee pains can be relieved to some extent by changing lifestyles.

In response to the prevalent issue of ‘bone wear’ and diminishing knee strength due to modern sedentary lifestyles, exploring Ayurvedic wellness treatment offers a holistic approach to rejuvenating the knee joints, promoting strength, and mitigating the effects of wear and tear for sustained relief.

Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain in Kerala

▪️ Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. It first affects the joints of the toes and fingers. Swelling in the joints, pain, heat and night fever are the main symptoms. There may also be stiffness in the joints in the mornings. When this disease progresses, it affects large joints like the knee. People who have traditionally had arthritis are more prone to it. For effective osteoarthritis treatment in Kerala, specialised approaches to individual needs are crucial, considering the diverse symptoms and progression patterns associated with this autoimmune disease, particularly as it affects large joints like the knee.

▪️ Uric Acid

The root cause of this is that the uric acid in the human body is not excreted through the urine and it builds up in the joints causing pain. They usually appear first on the big toe. Knees can also be affected. “Hijama” (dehorning) along with medicines is very effective for this.

▪️ Overuse and Sports

This type of knee pain is caused by overuse, sports, swelling or injury inside the knee. It can be reversed with the help of medications and therapies, with moderate use.

▪️ Deficiency of Calcium and Vitamin D

The mineral calcium and vitamin D are the most important for bone strength. The body gets these through food and sunlight. Without it, bones weaken and cause pain.

▪️ Overweight

Obese people are more prone to knee pain. The knee plays a major role in supporting the weight of the body. Therefore, as weight increases, the workload of the knee increases, leading to pain. Ayurvedic weight loss treatment is the main remedy for this.

◾ Solutions in Unani

Treatment for knee pain Unani has an effective remedy for people suffering from knee pain. They vary depending on the reasons. In addition to medicines, Hijama is very effective in arthritis and knee pain caused by excess uric acid. Medicines to reduce fluid intake, drugs to reduce uric acid and drugs for waste disposal are also given.

Another important reason is ‘wear and tear’. All but the most severely damaged knees can be controlled to some extent through medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes, without science. Unani treatment calicut helps in increasing blood circulation to the knee, reduces fluid, reduces pain, regenerates cartilage, increases knee strength, increases muscle strength and increases mobility. And various types of therapy help with this. Some of them are Hijama  cupping therapy, fasad, dusting, massage, and anointing.

Hijama  cupping therapy

▪️ Massage: Massage is the process of rubbing the knee with ointment to increase circulation and reduce swelling.

▪️ Cupping: Cupping Therapy is the process of creating pressure on the skin using ‘R’ shaped cups. Helps increase blood circulation.

▪️ Hijama (horning): Hijama is the process of making small incisions after cupping and drawing out blood through them. In ancient times it was also known as ‘horning’. It helps to increase blood circulation and eliminate waste from the body.

▪️ Fasaad (Venesection): Fasad or venesection is the process of perforating an artery with a needle and draining the accumulated blood through it. It stretches the arteries and reduces pain.

▪️ Podikizhi: Podikizhi is the process of grinding some special herbs into kizhi and heating it and applying it on the skin. It helps in increasing blood circulation.

▪️ Ointment: Applying ointments that help reduce swelling and pain is also effective.

◾ What to watch out for

• Try to switch from new lifestyles to old styles that reduce knee mobility.

• Sit on small stools to do kitchen work.

• Knees can be bent while sitting on chairs etc.

• Avoid chair prayer.

• Get some sun every day.

• Include calcium and protein in the diet.

• Include plenty of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

• Practice exercises in short form.

Through our holistic approach, combining advanced diagnostics, medical interventions, and traditional Unani remedies, aims at long-term relief. Emphasising lifestyle changes and therapies. At Tigris Valley, we are dedicated to restoring mobility and improving the quality of life for our patients, setting a new standard in ayurvedic pain management

Dr. U Mujeeb BUMS, MD, PGDEMS.

President, Kerala Unani Medical Association.

Professor, Dep: Moalajat, Markaz Unani Medical College

CMO, Haavi Unani Hospital, Ekrul